At Karani Expeditions, any tour can be enhanced with a beach vacation.

We are a multi-dimension company that operates in the tourism business in Tanzania and East Africa. We provide various options for your trip, from Safaris to beach experiences. If you prefer an itinerary tailored to your preferences, we can create it for you. In the tailor-made experience package, we choose the activities that fit your trip expectations.

Why Karani Expeditions



The company was founded at the end of 2018 by our primary guide Said Mizray. When Said moved from Tanga to Arusha, he was inspired to share his love of Tanzania and knowledge with the world, so Karani Expeditions was born. Our company’s mission is to share our culture, traditions, and beautiful country of Tanzania with you!

Our team is packed with top local experts to offer you a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. We want to ensure our guests have the best vacation, so we provide all-inclusive safaris and will match your guide based on your preferences and personality.

Habitat Preservation

At Karani Expeditions, we value and preserve our ecosystems by adhering to environmentally friendly practices.

Key Destinations

Tanzania has a variety of destinations, from beaches and mountains to national parks and conservation areas.

Local Adventures​

With our vast knowledge about our country and culture, we will provide you with a particular Karani Expeditions experience.

True Experts​

Our team is filled with outstanding experts that convey our company’s values to make your experience the best.

My name is Said Mziray

I am Tanzanian and it was after traveling around my country to deepen my knowledge of our culture and traditions that I decided to share this knowledge with the world by creating my own safari agency.

Welcome / Karibu sana

I will personally take care of your Journey!

If you desire a customized experience, try our tailor-made service

Our team will gladly put together a personalized adventure that will make your trip unique and unforgettable. At Karani Expeditions we offer the Tailor-Made Experiences that gives you the best itinerary for your own Tanzanian Safari Experience.

Create your limitless experience! In the Tailor-Made Package. We manage your experience according to your preferences. Everything is done by us just for you according to where you would like to stay and your availability calendar. Our team is committed to creating the best adventure based on your personal tastes. Anything you desire, you can request.



Address: Box 201 Arusha, Tanzania
E-mail: info@karaniexpeditions.com
Cellphone: (+255) 782 397 776