Tanzania's beaches are among the most attractive in the world.

We have beautiful beaches with white sand, crystal clear water, and warm African sun that are perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring Tanzania through the most adventurous safaris.

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Beach Vacation

At Karani Expeditions, any tour can be enhanced with a beach vacation.

Breathtaking paradise beaches along the coasts of Tanzania and the Indian Ocean are perfect if you are looking for relaxation or adventure. You can smoothly take a break on the silky white sand while sunbathing in the warm sun. Or you can experience a snorkeling adventure and spot the brittle coral reefs, colorful fish, dolphins and, if you are lucky giant turtles.

Discover Tanzania's stunning beaches!

The final seaside destination in Tanzania is the island of Zanzibar. Within this treasure, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, you can find beaches lined with palm trees and dhows on the turquoise sea. The pinnacle of Zanzibar is the beach of Jambiani. This paradise has 7 km of powdered white sand and a crystalline turquoise lake, and is perfect for relaxation but also for paddling, diving and observing marine life.



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